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What I am going to work on at RC (v1.0)

This is almost the end of week 2 at RC. And after much deliberation on my side and discussion with James (one of the facilitators at RC), here are my goals v 1.0 (To have the scope of them evolving even more) –

1. BitFunnel – I am going to keep on contributing to the open source text based search project. It’s in C++. Although contributing to an open source project was quite down below on the list of possible things I thought I would do at RC. But this project has a few things that got me hooked.

First, text-based search is quite an interesting area with the scope of learning new algorithms and tricks. Performance is an important factor in the field. Second, I get to work with two very experienced programmers. Third, since it’s in C++, I only have to learn about the domain without worrying about the programming language I am going to use in this project. And as an icing on the cake, it’s using C++17 which is something I always wanted to do.

2. Writing a graph partitioning library in Haskell. I worked on an FPGA prototyping tool in my last company and we used some very cool graph partitioning algorithms to partition the SoC designs. I always wanted to understand the algorithms and implementing some of well known algorithms like Kernighan-Lin, Fiduccia-Mattheyses looks like a good way to understand them.

I want to first implement them using C++, the language I am currently most comfortable with and then in Haskell, the language I am learning at present. Eventually I want to write METIS in Haskell.

And I want to end this post with the most important lesson I learned today. And that is – don’t worry too much about not having something cool and extra-ordinary built at the end of RC. Don’t worry too much about not making the best use of your precious time here at RC. Enjoy the process of learning and working on something which you are enthusiastic about. Meet and talk to the people in the RC community. There are some really cool and smart people here at RC and there’s so much to learn from them.

Have fun and never graduate!