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Last 2 days of week 2 at the Recurse Center

Day 3: Coding-wise, haven’t done much. But otherwise the day was well-spent in other sense. Met David Branner. David took my first interview when I applied for RC. And he is super-helpful. He gave me quite a few tips on time-management and tracking my progress. Here’s how he searches his notes on coding.

Did a code retreat convened by Emil. It was fun!. We worked on to build the Game of Life following TDD. It consisted of four 45-minutes sessions where we paired up with different people and did ping-pong pairing. At the end of each session, we were to throw away the code we have written and start with a fresh mind with a new person. In each session, the rules kept of changing. For instance, the second session had the rule that each function can not be more than 3 lines. The rules of last session were interesting where you can either not talk to the partner or not run the test case for more that twice etc.

Missed the last session to have a one-to-one with James, one of the facilitators at RC. We talked about my goals and the projects that I am going to focus on for the rest of the weeks at RC. That was helpful. There’s another post for what I have decided to do at RC.

Then went on to attend a Goal Setting workshop by Stacey which was helpful too.

Finally, tried to generate doxygen docs for Bitfunnel. But it didn’t turn around to be much useful since the source files do not have doxy formatted comments. But I can see the class diagrams now.

Day 4: Dan shares what he and Mike has thought I should focus on. He gives quite a few options and I like one of them. Will start exploring them from next week.

Spent pretty much the entire day writing Kernighan-Lin in C++ and I am not done yet.

Hang around the web-architecture white-boarding interview prep and listen to how people are approaching a design problem.