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First 3 days of week 2 at the Recurse Center

Here’s my lazy summary of the first three days of week 2 at RC.

Day 1: Continue working on BitFunnel. By working, I mean trying to integrate a piece of old code into the new codebase. My goal is to gain an understanding of how a text-based search engine works.

Submit the first challenge for Haskell at Exercism. Discuss the second and the third problem with Katherine. Have started to get a little bit bored with Haskell too, specially I am not sure what I am going to build with Haskell.

The best part of the day is the talk by Emil Sit, the resident for next two weeks where he gives a very high level overview of the distributed systems and shares his experience.

Feeling: Worried over what I am going to work on at RC.

Day 2: Fix build errors and unit test failure in integrating a small component from the old BitFunnel code to the new code base. Spend some time understanding the data structures used. Also spend some time reading up basic ideas in text-based search. BitFunnel now has started to become interesting!

Spend one hour in reading up Haskell and solve the second challenge on Exercism.

Attend code dojo and pair with Cihan to solve the Euler Project problem 35 in Python. You have to find circular primes and as it turned out most of the people implemented the sieve of Eratosthenes to find out prime numbers in range.

Feeling: Still searching for what I am going to work on at RC.

Day3: Solved two problems in today’s Dropin Warmup. Dropin Warmups are daily one hour sessions where Rose, one of the facilitators, writes down two programming problems. The problems and my solutions to them are here.

Read a some more Haskell. Now I know currying, higher order functions, map, filter, lambda etc.

Started implementing the Kernighan-Lin graph partitioning algorithm in C++ and eventually I want to do it in Haskell.

Went to the New York Haskell Meetup group’s presentation on Concurrent Bloom Filter. Could grasp some of the Haskell code which felt nice.

Did the third challenge of Exercism.