Tryst with Ruby on Rails at Rails Girls Gurgaon

I have all along been coding in C/C++. I did touch perl, tcl etc some times. But let me confess, I enjoyed programming in C more than anything else. But these days I have time and I am upbeat about learning new things. Besides, web and mobile are the new big things now. So I didn’t want to loose one such opportunity when I heard that Rails Girls Gurgaoon (with the help of Thoughtworks, Hoppr and Cloud Foundry) is organizing a free one-day workshop on Ruby on Rails at Gurgaon. We were to get familiarized with the framework, build a simple application and we could host it on either Heroku or Cloud Foundry.

I learnt some basic stuff about Ruby on Rails but need to put them in use before I forget everything about them. Watch this space for my brand new app on Ruby on Rails!!

In the mean time, check out the photos at – Rails Girls Gurgaon, 8 December 2012