Gnome Outreach Program for Women 2013

Well, I applied for it and the result was to come out at 8 pm GMT on December 11. I am ahead of GMT by 5:30 hours. So I had to stay awake till 1:30 in the night to check the result. I decided to sleep.

Had a very uncomfortable sleep towards the end. Had multiple dreams of checking the result on internet, but somehow could not see what it is. Then in the end, I realized – what the hell! this is my dream. Therefore I decided in my dream that I got through it. This dream sequence went on repeating itself for some time. When I could take no more, I got up, booted my laptop, went to the Gnome OPW page, and jumped in the air. 😀 YES!!!! I got through. I am now one of the 20 interns that have been selected to contribute to opensource software projects. For this, I thank my mentor Bastien Nocera who guided me during my contribution and did an awesome code review (one of the best I’ve seen in my limited experience as a software engineer in India).

Did you just say – it was only for women, what’s the big deal about that? Well….when I’ll write a program which you’ll use – we’ll talk that day! 😀


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