geocode-glib Gnome

Contributing to Geocode-glib in Gnome

I recently to contributed a small patch to Geocode-glib library. It was my first patch and it was definitely thrilling to see my name as the author in the repository. So, let me give you a walk through on what is Geocode-glib and what I did in it.

What is Geocode-glib?

It’s a convenience library for the Yahoo! Place Finder and GeoPlanet APIs. The Place Finder Web service allows to do geo-coding and reverse geo-coding. It’s used by Empathy and Evolution.

What did I do in Geocode-glib?

I hacked on the library’s test program. The test-program earlier did not have any feature to differentiate search results with same name. e.g. if you search with a “Delhi” it would show you results with only latitudes and longitudes. And from that result, you could not differentiate the search results with name “Delhi”.

I came up with a way which would show relevant information along with the place name and its latitude and longitude so that the place can be differentiated. So now if you search with Delhi, it would show –


Thus you can differentiate between the places now. Here’s the link to my commit

It was really great to code after such a long time! And now I am wondering, why the hell didn’t I contribute to such projects earlier! But, you know what they say –  better late than never! 😀