Learning Git

I’ve used CVS and SVN during the 4 years that I worked in the software industry. Moving from CVS to SVN was a good experience. Now that I’m working on GeoIP and Wifi Geolocation server and client libraries with Gnome, I ‘ve started using git. This is my beginner stage and am going to keep a list of websites helping me to learn git. So here goes the list –

1. try.github.com will give you a basic understanding of git.
2. http://gitready.com/
Once you complete try.github.com training, you’ll get the following links –
3. http://github.com/training/online
4. http://git-scm.com/book
5. http://gitimmersion.com/
6. http://rogerdudler.github.com/git-guide/
To know ¬†about “git add -p” ( a very useful command )
7. http://johnkary.net/blog/git-add-p-the-most-powerful-git-feature-youre-not-using-yet/

If you by any chance bump into this page and find any good source for learning/mastering git, then please do share the URLs.


  1. Another resource to add is Open Hatch. They’re an entry portal to get people involved in open source projects and have a few “training missions” for those learning some of the tools of the trade. The Git mission is here: http://openhatch.org/missions/git

    I found that it coupled well wil Try Git, about the same learning level but it covered a few things beyond what Try Git did without much redundancy. I would recommend starting with Try Git and then doing the Open Hatch mission. They have another mission covering diff and patch specifically. http://openhatch.org/missions/diffpatch

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