Week 9 at RC

Monday : Worked on the presentation “Life of a C Program” and presented it in the evening.

Tuesday : Paired with May to discuss the steps in “Life of a C Program” and in the process making the presentation better – bot visually and organization wise. Started reading the paper on Raft

Wednesday : Continued reading the paper on Raft. Discussed the Safety Argument section (5.4.3) of the Raft paper with others. Continued to to write the blog post on “How do the debuggers set breakpoint”.

Thursday : Understanding closure in Go.

Friday : Worked on the job profile and read about go routines.

Saturday : Worked with May and Juliano on the Sanctuary project at MD5 hackathon. Great experience learning about express, leaflet, and bower. Ended up contributing a few lines of code at the end of the day.