RC F1'16

Week 7 at Recurse Center

Day 1: First day of the Fall 2 batch. Quite a busy and exhausting day. Started reading the chapter on Linker from “Computer Systems – A Programmer’s Perspective”. Gave a talk from the delightful article “A Whirlwind Tutorial on Creating Really Teensy ELF Executables for Linux”. Tried to understand the part 3 of the Eli Bendersky’s article on How Debuggers Work.

Day 2: Again tried to understand the Part 3 of Eli Bendersky’s article on how debuggers work. Looks like if I have to implement breakpoint setting on function names instead of memory addresses, I’ll have to use a library to parse DWARF, which is not looking super interesting right now. Read some more about the linkers from “Computer Systems – A Programmer’s Perspective”.

Day 3: Left the debugger for the time being as parsing a DWARF using a library is not sounding too interesting at this point of time. Started learning Go. Installed it and ran the first “Hello World” program. Resumed BitFunnel after a long time and got stuck again. Need to do something about that.

Day 4: Did some part of A Tour of Go.