Adacamp – learnings and realizations

I am so so glad that I attended Adacamp, Bangalore last month. First, it was nice to be able to talk freely in an environment where everyone agrees to the basic principles of Feminism. It was a liberating experience because I did not have to think if I am alienating the person (mostly men and sometimes women too) I am talking to. I didn’t have to worry about if I was making myself and whatever I had been doing and talking unacceptable to the person.

I realized a few more things about myself. That I love helping others. And it gave me immense joy to be able to do that. That students were coming up to me and asking me about OPW or WFS-India was wonderful. That I got to encourage them in pursuing what they wish to pursue and sharing opportunities with them and thus in a way mentoring them made me glad.

I learned that the sexism that women face at workplaces can be dealt methodically. These life skills can be learned and practiced to help ourselves get less affected emotionally.

I also learned to be sensitive and respectful towards the choices and preferences that others have. I might not believe in them or follow them, but it’s important to understand them and interact with the person accordingly so that I do not hurt the person or make him/her uncomfortable.

And finally, it was lovely to meet wonderful ladies from different places. Got to connect with them. Learned a lot from various sessions. Unconferences are cool way to learn the things that we the participants decide to learn. Got new ideas to work on them. Hopefully come February, I’ll be able to start on some of them. I do hope to attend it next year as well!