I am attending Recurse Center currently and after November will be looking for a job.

Prior to that I was working as a software engineer in Mentor Graphics in India. I was working on an FPGA prototyping tool for SoC for the last one and a half year. I worked on the Partitioner which partitioned large SoC designs so that they can fit into smaller FPGAs. During working on this product, I wrote a tool for Netlist editing, a tool for design encryption and decryption, and a logging system among other stuff.

I was also an OPW intern with Gnome Foundation in 2013. I wrote a GeoIP and WiFi based Geo-location server and client library. This library later became part of GeoClue which provides location information.

I founded AID Kolkata in 2006 which is a volunteer movement working with grass-root organizations in India.

I like running, biking, swimming and trekking.